Wednesday, 21 April 2010

I love Randoms

Random Dungeons rule - Seriously, I haven't seen this much dungeon action since I was in my twenties, fnaar fnaar - Only joking. I mean I haven't seen this much dungeon action in WoW ever. It's odd, I'm clocking up heroics and achievements like a no job, no life pro. I finally bought the recipe for the Mekgineer's Chopper and yes, I will, when I can afford to, build one.

Ubuntu wouldn't load - Meh. I have an aged but respectable 1600SC server which I got out of mothballs recently and decided I would host all my music etc on it, using the apparently good Ubuntu Server, and then load the Ubuntu GUI ('Cause I loathe command line interfaces) Install went OK, drives were recognised, Ethernet card and so on and so forth, reboot and -Diddly squat-! happened. Not entirely happy. Say hello to eBay, Server.

Sunshine - My love/hate relationship with the British Summer begins anew. I love summer, wondering about in shorts and a short sleeve T-Shirt (Or most likely no shirt) is great at the weekends, but having to wear long sleeve shirt (Tattoos down left arm mean long sleeve mandatory in banking industry) and trousers in the middle of The City during the week is a sweaty bind.

Family - Mine are still pretty damn good, sure, I could use a little more 'Me' time, but I'd be enjoying a lot of 'Me-on-my-own-only-and-lonely' time if it wasn't for them (And be unwashed, unhappy and surrounded by Pizza boxes, moaning and so forth) so it's a pretty sweet deal really.

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