Wednesday, 14 April 2010


My name's Regan and I'm a Gnome.....

That's partially true. No, I mean Gnomeregan, the Gnome capital in World of Warcraft. Or Gernormaggen as Charlie calls it. I've been playing my Gnome Mage really heavily recently. So, there I was glancing at the goodness that is when I discovered this

Finally, the Gnomes be going home. Would be nice. In the meantime I'll just look forward to new GR content and the potential mechano-tank driving lessons. (Do I get to put an L-Plate on mine?) As this was happening, and I need GR rep, thought I'd run the old homestead for fun. At 80, there's remarkably little real fun to be had, but I did score a recipe for Li'l Smoky. A small but tangible success.

All I need now is a bit more Valiance rep and I can start building my Chop (Do I have to start wearing a tasselled leather jacket at my PC?) which means lots of trips to Ulduar if my information is correct. Edit - It is, Flame Leviathan, you have been warned (And it's not personal, it's about making savings where I can, sorry mate)

We built a picket fence, and it rools! Yes, I've seen the light and now I'm getting my head around taking pleasure from work in the garden. It would be easier if my back stopped hurting for every single task I have to perform out there, but the lovely vegetable patch my better half has envisioned (Envisinged, as she would say) is shaping up nicely. Best of all (For me, anyway) my chillies are germinating, and so will hopefully grow to become lovely great bushes of fiery delight. I plan to make things with the chillies and gift the plants and/or seeds to friends and family. As for the other fruit and veg Charlie is lovingly growing, they seem to be thriving, which is brilliant. Anyhoo, work beckons. Printers malfunctioning around my very ears. Fun fun fun

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