Tuesday, 23 March 2010

"You'll understand when you're married!"

Sounds like a quote from a sitcom, but infact it's a line delivered in a men's loo in west london.

Before you think too hard about that, imagine the scene: A man in his 30's, is using the facilities dressed normally apart froma flamingo pink wig, boa and tutu. A small boy comes into the loo and looks at him, fairly enough, oddly.

The boy points out that the man is actually a 'girl', his incredulous voice pointing out that girls shouldn't be in that room. The man's reply is "You'll understand when you're married!"

To my best mate Darren, thank you for me being on your stag do, and my best wishes as you approach your impending doo..oops..wedding.

Thunder eludes me. Khorium is really hard to find, and the stuff on the AH is ludicrously expensive. Yes, I'm making an epic TBC two hand mace for my ret-pally. Mainly to really use my engineers new flying machine, which, with training, cost me best part of 5K. Eeeks!

I'll be getting Myfanawy back out and swatting things with it soon, but so far I am 2 Khorium bars, 7 Primal Water, a mere 1 Primal Air away from Big Heavy Stick paradise.

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