Monday, 1 March 2010

The race to 70 (Or thereabouts)!

I'm a bit of a sucker for a challenge. This weekend I realised that my old 65 Pally had almost all the boxes ticked for the 'Elder' achievement. So now the challenge is to get my Pally into all the dungeons and to all the Northrend elders by Saturday. Hmmm, wacky races, anyone.

Step one, flying (Outland) - sorted, lowers the cost and turnaround of quests
Step one point one - Riding crop (Jimaeth! Help!)
Step two, level to 68 - A biscuit away from 66 now
Step three, Northrend flying (I'll need to check if that's 68 or 70)

PS I love Wowhead holiday guides, they're brilliant

My first proper weekend off after moving the company I do IT for from one building to another, leaving the servers in the same place but linking them to the new site with fibre optic, and setting up all the users, printers etc. 'Busy' and 'Headache' are two words that spring to mind (British understatement there, lol) Did some stuff around the house, reloaded an old PC and got a USB monitor working (7 inch Samsung Screen without a graphics card - Can I hear an Awesome!)

Speaking of which, must find out when Chuck is back on TV, loved that show.

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