Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Different factions IRL and WoW

Nubbin is grinding her way through the Argent Tourney. Her Classic rep is appalling, so I'll be trawling the AH for Wool Cloth again :( or going back to starter zones - Meh!

The upside is this time Nubbin has the Turbocharged flying machine so I can get shedloads of Saronite and Titanium on my travels, the downside is oh bloody hell not the tournament AGAIN!
One moment of light relief, did the quest chain for Scholomance, and now I can see the Caer Darrow citizens, something I've been meaning to do for over 2 years.

With all the demands of my various employers/customers and trying to fit in with two different holiday structures, three lots of procedures, and still maintain a smiling facade, I'm knackered. Throw in the threatened train strike next week, and I'm simply not looking forward to the week after Easter.

Today, a legend leaves my company. She will be missed. Chandni, thanks for being a damn good colleague and good luck with the next thing.

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  1. Love you too Jimbo :D. Thanks for a great evening!