Friday, 5 March 2010

I'm Brilliant!!

I've cracked it! the gate of levelling, a portal to higher levels in very small amounts of time. Actually discovered this with my Paladin, Myfanawy. Sent her forth to kill 12 Vrykul in Valgarde, and discovered she could rack up 2K XP on almost every mob she killed, with NPC support in the area, it's a relatively quick process. I actually discovered it when all the mobs aggro'd and I had to dispatch about 5 of them and noticed my XP bar going up FAST. 8 bars from 69 is now 4 bars up from 69 in about 20 minutes. Sweet!

Due to having some residual self image issues which crippled me through school and especially as a teenager, I thought I'd try to help my son to avoid my Achilles heal. I've taught him to say "I'm Brilliant!!" to help boost his self esteem. I don't want to create a raging egomaniac, but a little chunk of confidence won't do him any harm. Being a cute 2 year old with flaxen curls, he does make my throat constrict with pride when he does it, too. Soppy sod? Guilty, as charged :)

Reconcile your family, they're yours as much as you are theirs, make the best of it.

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