Wednesday, 19 August 2009

When the going gets tough....

....I need to sleep more

Typical, I pull some more overtime, and yet I want to stay up longer, and get more tired, then the overtime hits harder, rinse and repeat.

Luckily I have a good woman, I came home shattered yesterday to a smiling face, and a delicious lamb stew, mash and veg. I am lucky. Hopefully I'll remember to go to bed early and get some shuteye tonight. Hopefully.

I am an idiot, it's official. I help my guildees in Kara for a huntsman run, and forget to leave the raid, I spend 2 days nearly crying because I can't do any Argent Tourney quests. A very nice player pointed out this may be the case. Thank you :)

Worgen and Goblins, eh? I like the idea of Worgen, sounds like fun, I wonder if you can change to and fro. ALso noticed somehing about more class and race combos. Give everyone everything, saves hassle, although I liked the fact you had to weigh it all up. Pick your toon based on what they were and what that meant they could do. Less homogenised. One massive upside, more lore.

Still debating whether to get the live 'cast from Blizzcon. I want to watch, I want the pet, but do I want to combine my account with a battlenet account? It was hard enough doing anything with my account last time some Goldspammer sent me bogus account warning mails. This 'ghost man' says screw you, goldspammers.

Talking of which, so glad I installed Spamsentry, haven't had any stupid ingame whispers for days, it's been lovely.

Have fun :)

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