Monday, 31 August 2009

Gnomeregan Cake!!

So, after 3 and half decades of avoiding my demise, a fair maiden asked me that fateful question:

"What do you want on your cake?"
I was jousting at the Argent Tournament and the Gnomeregan banner was up front and centre. I have it on the back of my netbook, and I keep a special place in my heart for those little critters.

This was at about 8PM last night. The cake was iced in a dark purple and I thought no more about it. This morning, the Mrs asks me for another look at the banner. After another 3 hours (Including organising other bits for my belated birthday party) this happened--->

How. Cool. Is. That?

To my beloved, thank you for making my birthday party fantastic. Bloody love you :D xxxx

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