Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Blizzcon Stuff

BLizzcon has been and gone, and yet again I wasn't there. The day I can afford to go the Mrs will rightfully have something more pertinent I can afford instead. Oh well, and fair enough.

Other people have said more about Blizzcon, it's all interesting.

Here it is from my point of view:
1. I'll need to kill off at least one toon to keep my new Worgen Druid or Rogue on Moonglade. Arse.
2. Azeroth Revamp. Good, if not about time.
3. Azeroth Revamp Pt II. Arse, I need to complete al the old dungeons before then
4. Guild achievements. Brilliant, but, typical I left my old one. One to ponder as a guildless one.
5. Archeology, sounds good, but what's the new main profession?
6. I need the day off for the next expansion, and I'm getting the bloody collector's edition this time.
7. Flying mounts in Azeroth. Oh yeah (Giggidy!!)
More to follow :)

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