Thursday, 22 September 2011

Brewfest!! vs No sleep 'til .....ever


All work and no sleep make make James flake out.

Xander hasn't been sleeping, and so neither has anyone else in the house. We are all poorly with cold, but none so much as Charlie, she doesn't have a cold, she's just looking after the rest of us. Daniel, being a toddler, has formed a brittle composite of clothing and snot by simply wiping his nose with his sleeve, which is endearing for all of 5 seconds, Xander just dribbles from his nose and grins, which is a lot cuter, and I just sniff a lot, which is starting to annoy even me. I wish Xander would take to a bottle, so I can give Charlie a day off. This would be handy as we could go somewhere and leave the boys with the MiL. Me, I'd just be happy with a good couple of hours left alone in the house, then off to the pub with Charlie, who is due a pint in peace, and time away from the house.

Work is becoming more stressful with the lack of any news on the contract front. We've all had our contracts shortened to December the 30th. This could make for a really shitty Christmas. I REALLY hope not, but the CV's been updated and we live in hope.


Brewfest is here! As usual, the loot table has been shined up and rolled out. A chance to farm one trinket, and maybe a mount and a pair of awesome one hand maces is upon us, dressed in the thin veil of a WoW holiday. I love these farm runs, especially when you get a group that will farm it 'til the cows come home, occasionally swapping one member out for another treasure seeker. I've been levelling my toons like crazy to get them in for this. It turns out it level 84 only, so it's been nce to get Jimbelle into the Coren Brewfest encounter by her cute button nose. Next, Elly (Ellyllaidd) and Muffy (Myfanawy) are getting the levelling treatment. At the very least I want them all at 84 for the Headless Horseman at Samhain/Hallowe'en. It's not a million miles away

I bought the WoW Scalper guide, and am starting to collate the AH data necessary. We'll see what fruit are borne by this in time. As always, go to Zuggy's site for a great gold guide. --->

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