Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Job-based uncertainty vs. No play time

Work is getting interesting, but not in a good way. The firm I work for has gotten rid of their central European helpdesk, and now we have local helpdesks. Good on a couple of levels, we have control, if you want a job done properly... etc, but it's an uphill climb with new and dull and (in some cases wildly inaccurate) procedures. The added cheek of all this is there have been hints that the bank will be cutting staff. Other banks are doing it, and so like sheep, our bank has to too. I have two kids and a mortgage, so I hope they're not cutting staff, but I also think it's time to start looking for something else, as I suspect it's going to be a fairly unpleasant process for the IT department to be slowly hollowed out by the parent bank homogenising the investment arm.

We will all be singing the company song (In French) soon :(

Family, volatile things aren't they. I've been getting lectured about how I deal with my eldest. In fairness, I do tend to expect more than a little from him, and should just let him be 3. However, I do become hostile when my MiL starts chipping in when I comment on the housekeeping in my house. She's got a flaming nerve. However, she's unlikely to apologise, so that won't ever get redressed. It's back to treating her in a manner fitting her behaviour. My parents are in town for a week, and it's been lovely catching up with them, although can't enjoy the Pineau they brought with them (Damn diet) for a little while. If you ever get the chance, go to the Charantes region of France (West coast, half way down, where Cognac is from) and get a bottle of Pineau, it's GORGEOUS. No other words for it.

New toys!! Got the HP N36L microserver, it's a wee stubby cute cube of black plastic. At £250 and then a £100 cashback, it's worth getting as a PC, or media centre base. Give it a butchers.

Not been up to much recently, made Jimbelle my main, and trying to get back into the swing of playing as a Warlock. It was a relief to run Throne of the Tides without a single clue what I was doing - lol. Tailoring is providing decent revenue stream, but need to get my enchanting up to spec, although one thing hasn't changed since Vanilla WoW - Enchanting is difficult and expensive. I hope the Firelands recipes can provide some decent gold, or at least some nice bits of kit. So far, nothing for my Engineering Gnome Mage worth a look in, but Jimbelle's an enchantress and tailor, so I hope she can whip something up from all this.

Anyway, usual stuff, see Zuggy's gold guide for gold tips worth paying for (Link on the right)

Be good, or be careful.

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