Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Slim Jim vs. Patch 4.3

Little man is 6 months old! Holy crap, the small green thing that Charlie pushed out is now a far less chunky little grinning thing of 6 months (He was nicknamed the chuckling doughball when he started smiling) and of course he's not green anymore. Can't believe it's been that long. Downsideis though, he's started teething. We're not getting a lot of sleep. I've had recourse to the sofa a couple of nights.

I haz Skinny! Dieting, normally an area for others to point out 'advice' to me, is now my area of expertise. I've been on Slimming World, and I've lost over 2 stone. My former 16 Stone 4 is (hopefully) going to break the 13 stone area tonight at my weekly weigh in. It's weird, I've been relatively successful at it, and it's been relatively easy. Those of you who know me know I can't resist snack food, and that 'All you can eat' was always seen as a challenge, not a type of buffet.

Ubuntu One has been odd recently, but maybe I'm just not syncing long enough to make it work properly. Probably the latter. But hey, when it does work it's awesome. Looking forward to two Queen Adreena tunes hitting my cloud and then my phone so I can enjoy the delights of their interpretation of Jolene (It's fantastic, go check it out)

Patch 4.3 has arrived, bringing with it the end of Deathwing. I'm sure I'll get a crack at Neltharion at some point in the near future due to my awesomeness (And the Raid Finder) and by awesomeness I mean I'll sell that damn Mekgineer's Chopper and go buy me some purples, and the daily random Cata Heroics give me other options for buying shinies.

One thing the patch has brought is the new revamped Darkmoon Faire. It now exists on an island, which can be reached via a portal in Elwynn and near Thunderbluff. There are loads of new and interesting quests and the monthly quests of note related to professions, each rewarding +5 professional skill. Let's say I'm pleased there's a fishing quest as 5 points in a month is probably triple what I'm getting currently. All my toons have hit flat spots in their fishing. Let's also be candid about the profession itself, it's pretty dull. The fountain part of the achievement is pure grind, and the turtle is just plain mean, like that F*&king chocolate cake in cooking. Some people pay perfectly good money to be tortured, and good for them, glad they've found something to get their juices flowing, but I am not into that sort of a dungeon, I'm into dungeon instances so why is Blizzard being spiteful. Anyway, I reckon there's some grand design, and they have provided me with thousands of hours of entertainment, so go figure, eh?

Anyway, get out there and do quests and stuff.

Have fun

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