Wednesday, 9 February 2011

The yoke has been lifted / Quality WoW time

After a year of waiting, my contract has finally been sorted, and I begin doing the same job I have for over a year, but (nearly) directly for the company I work for. OMFG. A weight has been lifted from me. The sword of Damacles I've been under for the past 5 years has gone. w00t! I haven't enjoyed my self this much at work since....never. It's frikkin' awesome!

The next step is to get the Mrs off her terrible evening job which is a massive time sap, is badly paid, and has spectacularly bad tech support (This leaves me fuming, as a fellow techie, that it's being done so below and behind the call of duty) The upside of her being badly paid is I should be able to sort this out for a lot less time for the same money.

The only downside of my sudden good fortune is having to organise the paperwork. They're after all my company particulars and to be frank, it's daunting. I have some organisational issues (ie I'm a total spaz at organising my self, hence my sporadic blogging - lol)

But, it's alllll gooood.

Really not had a lot of quality time to play this week. It's Wednesday already and somehow I need to pull the entire (Give or take 3) Dungeon Elders out of the ether. It'll be interesting. Tomorrow is the guild run night, so hoping we can do at least a few of them so it gets easier next year. (I would have put a link in there for the achievement etc but WoWhead appears to have gone pear shaped)

Tip: First two quests at the Argent FP north west of Dalaran is a skinners paradise. Simply aggro and damage each of the Nerubians that appear once, kite them to the guards, and they do all the work. You make 1K XP at 80, and each one is skinnable. I just sat there, zapped each one and filled my skinning bags in nothing flat.

My guild are all coalescing at the 85 stage, and 85 HC dungeons are becoming a regular occurrence. I really need to get my game on and level Gwyllt. Another upside, the new Luck of the draw buff has been buffed to 15% (5% for each PUGger up to three) up from a flat 5%. The new guild rewards look awesome, but are a bit late as I've levelled 10 alts to at least 80 (Except one at 71)

It looks like this week will be mainly spent in Vashj'ir skinning eels and loving the swim form buff. There's is nothing like being the fastest weird looking manatee/torpedo there, but the speed can lead to aggroing armies of mobs.

Anyhoo, usual stuff, go buy Zuggy's gold guide (Link on the right) pur-lease! and enjoy yourself.

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