Friday, 18 February 2011

Life is good....hang on a minute, scratch that, life is brilliant.

W00t! I got a new job. Well, actually I got the same job but am now a contractor. This means I get the money I earn each day, minus taxes, expenses etc etc. Not half of it, and then taxes, no expenses etc etc. Somewhat of a relief. I've spent nearly 5 years at my old company, and I will miss some of the people there. But what the hell, I got a better job, laters!!

It's getting close to crunch time for me, I really need to swap out the PSU in my actual gaming rig. I've been using a way worse PC for WoW, and it's a bout time I should be playing with 6 cores of purest AMD Phenom II evilness. The annoying thing is that the PSU is ready, bought and paid for, collecting dust on a shelf. The 'Round-towit' supply has dwindled, so I need to get a 'Round-towit' big time.

Otherwise, loving the Cataclysm mining, and the vast sums of gold I've made at the AH from it.

Not really grinding much, but tooling around Uldum doing a few quests and grabbing ores. I need to get my focus back on to get to 85. Once there, Heroic time!

As usual, head over to Zuggies for gold gathering advice. See the link on the right.

Be good, and if not, be careful.

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