Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Bognor Regis - It's actually quite nice

Coming to you live from a challet in Butlins, Bognor Regis, it's....well, me!

Yes, I'm on holiday with the chief, the boy and the Sortof-Mother in Law (SMiL)

I come from a background taught to sneer at Butlins, mainly because my Mum aspired to leave the social bracket that has kept it in business for so many years (And drag my Dad along for the ride) I, however am here, and enjoying it thoroughly. It has entertained my son and the chief for over a day. I sang Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus at Karaoke last night, and went out for a pint, due to SMiL's presence as baby sitter. We're all here due to a very generous moment from SMiL paying for the whole affair, which is great what with my 3 year wage freeze and everything else going up in spite of it.

The other thing that is going up is my estimation of the SMiL. This is a hard-won battle with me. She still can't park. She still puts her 3 hectare handbag in the narrowest section of my hallway. She is still prone to potentially life threatening outburst (Criticising a large chap with some sort of cage-fighter logo on his huge chest about his parenting skills, when I'm obviously the bloke (And therefore duty bound to defend her) in her group. It's part of her charm (Keep saying it over and over and it becomes true) - Just kidding, she's been good to the clan since Mum and Dad can't be about, what with being in a foreign country and all that. Anyway, enough blowing smoke up her ass, the holiday is great so far. I have a gut full of salty pretzels and a couple of cold Heinekens, and have no work burdens, the Chief and the SMiL are out having a mother-daughter drinky, the boy is asleep and snoring lightly. Life is sweet!

Due to having to rely on an OK laptop, and a pesh-poor 3G dongle. I'm doing the 3 Kalu'ak Dailies only this week. lame, but the bandwidth blows. Live long and prosper, but still do a week in Butlins.

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