Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Time and Tanking

Charlie's training for this job (Training my peachy ...! 8 weeks unpaid work) is becoming a grind. We've been 'upgraded' to unlimited broadband with Sky, which in real terms means LOADS of reconnects. Turns out the numpties set us to half a meg broadband. Half a meg!! FFS I play games, and Charlie does online support. Half a MEG!! Now this has been put back to a pesh-poor 4Megabits per second (I hate living in the country sometimes) I might be able to play games, or even see Google in under 5 minutes.

I tanked. Not like Dollhouse. I respecced to a Prot Pally and tanked my first instance. I wish I'd read this first. Big repect to Captn's Blog which should be compulsory reading for all pally tanks, preferably before they do their first instance.

Tonight I shall play WoW like I haven't played in a week. Because I practically haven't. Meh!

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