Monday, 19 July 2010

Seany's fantastic party

Not been WoWing much this weekend after a fantastic party practically free of drama, but certainly not free of fun. The Mrs and I went to our dear friend Sean's 22nd birthday party and were greeted by a very obviously Irish young man in shiny red hot pants, a denim shirt tied around his midrif and a pair of spike stillettos (How he can walk in those? I have no idea!) with a ciggy dangling from his mouth and a can of Fosters in his paw. That was our beloved host, half changed into this alter ego, Noleen Colon. Laugh? I nearly shat.... (To quote Pete and Dud)

Sean was in fine fettle despite his more fickle friends not attending, but this only enforced that his good friends did attend, amongst them, Fiona (An old mate from Walthamstow, where Sean, Fiona and I lived at one point). My Charlie made him a lovely cake, which I think delighted him beyond words, especially as the sponge was green (something to do with a Donna summer song about a cake in the rain) and of course we got the live rendition by Donna Summer about 10 minutes later. I'm delighted that Sean has a good other half and circle of supporting friends.

Thanks for a fun party Sean/Noleen

Apart from a distinct lack of sleep, and a fuzzy head the next day, it was a fantastic evening, bolted onto a day including a smidge of overtime (Which is always nice) and followed by a lovely lunch in the country.

Finally respecced my Rogue, seems like an improvement, will have to see how he handles in a live test (Randoms, anyone?) See you all out there.

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