Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Holiday beckons

Work is a drag, the IT project has been mired in mistakes made by a third party that we on the IT team are having to wear in front of the users. The users are either showing a lot of sympathy, or none whatsoever. It shows who your friends are.

Mostly, it's been a kick in the teeth. Not a happy bunny, thankfully I'm in Cognac next week, where I will be enjoying the hardest-earned holiday of my life, and plenty of the local speciality

Looking forward to swimming in the pool, and spending time with my girlfriend, my son and my parents, and of course French food and drink.

My dual spec Shadow/Holy Priest is going from strength to strength. Achievements roll in, and randoms are becoming a regular occurrence. All in all, not a bad couple of days. The holiday will be good, not having work interupt my family and WoW time.

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