Wednesday, 21 October 2009

The Headless Horseman is here - And Jack is not

Yes, that's right, the annual loot-fest that is Hallows End is upon us.

I've managed to rack up both caster rings, and passed on the sword twice. I do wish the broom would last longer, as it was perfect for my Warlock when she was 70 and could take him last year. Imagine, small female gnome warlock, black hair, pointy hat, broom, black cat pet from Elwynn - Perfect

Anyway, just need 5 more tokens from the tournament to get the caster mail chest for Codnor and he'll be sorted. Then it's chest and shoulders for Myfanawy, melee shoulders for Jimael, and the leather melee chest for Ybby and Jimaeth. Once I've got those I'll have 20% XP boost to all my chars. (Sweeeeet!)

Gangan has died. Charlie's dear and lovely Grandad has gone on, after a major stroke and a short illness. He wasn't my Grandad, but he was the only Grandad I had, hence my lack of posts. The funeral's next week and I'm not sure whether to speak or not.

On a lighter note. Want a holster for my PSP.

Do yourselves a favour, give your family a ring every now and then. Even if they're massive bum-pains, they're still family.

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