Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Should I become 'Master of Potions'?

Back again, the OS X 10.5 install went well. It also confirmed the internal optical drive in my wee Mac Mini is dead :'( However the external DVD drive my Dad was kind enough to part with works like a charm.

The drive in WoW this week is to improve my professions. My current favourite, my Moonkin Druid, is advancing through alchemy at a rate of knots. However, there is the matter of 'Master of Potions' which I must get around to doing before I cap, so I figure I need to ramp down the potion making for the time being.

House stuff: Signed lots of scary legal documents and sent a large amout of money to a firm of lawyers (For those of you using a dialect of English, read as 'Attorneys') I've never 'double'-checked a payment 5 times. I was bricking it.

Talking of bricking it, I'm due to get carved up courtesy of the NHS. I'm due for an arthroscopy so I should be able to walk properly soon. That'll be nice, go run and play with my little boy in the park suchlike.

Anyhoo, off for a bit, need to do some work.

Be good, and if you can't be good, be careful!

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