Friday, 22 May 2009

Lordy, it was difficult enough coming up with the blog name, unfortunately PMSL was taken, and now you want me to write stuff?!

Hello and welcome, a moment in the day in the life of Jimbob, Moonglade EU's and Essex's finest.

To summarise, I'm a Dad, a fiance, a WoW player, an IT engineer and a keen observer of the human condition (Read: Grumpy nit picking curmudgeon). Soon to become a home owner, so there might be (a) a short break while we move or (b) witty (Hopefully) observations on the hell that is moving house (And putting structured cat6 cabling in to boot)

I will try to bring to you my thoughts on playing a lot of characters on World of Warcraft - "Hi, My name's Jimbob and I'm an Altoholic" (Alts are other non-main characters in MMOs) and any nuggets I pick up along the way.

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