Friday, 29 May 2015

The danger of assumptions

This week saw the launch of the 1.3 Beta for Elite:Dangerous. I was stoked to see the new Diamondback ship from Lakon Spaceways. Due to the images, I was looking at a ship pitched at the Non-Federation players looking for an equivalent to the Federal Dropship. You know, that angular looking beast sitting at 19 Million credits with some sweet options and quite nimble. The clues were it was being built on an Alliance world, there as a pre-update mission to help get the shipyard built, the Imperials have the Clipper and the forthcoming courier, so, like all vapourware followers I started making assumptions. The path to wrack and ruin starts here.

So....when I logged in to Beta, I bought one. I had spare cash, and Beta prices, party time! Was it f*ck!? Due to my, by now, mythicall proportioned assumptions, the Diamondback was crap. I got less options than I expected in load out, (The penny hadn't dropped at this point) I picked a tough combat mission, got smacked liked a redneck kid in a supermarket, res'd at the station, bought my old loadout, bought some better slots, (Beta prices!) went back out, more of the same. Crap!

However, after a rage quit (yeah, that as me, not proud) I reflected. I looked at the stats, it was larger than the ubiquitous Cobra and smaller than the well rounded Asp, I looked at the mental image I had and the actuality of it, and my assumptions were found wanting (And I felt like a pratt)

The truth of it is the Diamondback is a very capable combat explorer that sits between the Cobra and the more expensive Asp. It's nimble, good looking and has a good array of options available. I hope it's priced accordingly. I could allow pilots to avoid the Type 6 grind stage moving up from the Cobra, which I remember fondly, much like my other half remembers labour.

What this means is I have to try and get some serious rep in and the last rank jump with the Feds so I can get the Dropship, as it's the multifunction I need until the Python or Fer De Lance falls into my budget bracket. Bad news, I have less than a week to get it. Let me explain, due to Powerplay, we will have rep with factions. Those factions include 2 Federation leaders, 3 Empire, 2 Independent but only one Alliance. I'm thinking of going Alliance. They have the most to gain (Especially in ships, see above) so I may tack my colours to that mast. Also looks like the Fed president has disappeared, so there's more afoot.

IRL crept out for a cheeky Nandos this week, Twas magical!

anyhoo, nearly at my destination. So...don't assume, look what it does!

Commanders, be good (Or be careful)

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