Monday, 16 March 2015

Painite? Sounds, er, painful

Greetings, fellow commanders

So, there's a new mineral, Painite. We know it exists by it's crazy 30+k prices in the commodities markets, but we have no clue where to get it, the ultimate phantom resource.

I do hope this is FD's way to make mining a worthwhile venture. In the meantime I hope you're all updating Thrudd's Trading Tools or Slopey's BPC (I don't have a good link, sorry)

I've used both, and was very impressed by what I found. Turns out Painite is a real thing: See HERE

I thought it was cobblers, turned out I was wrong. I may try my hand at mining if these are not a wild goose chase.

Rare Runs - Currently tooling around Lave/Leesti/Diso picking up 60 tons of rares so I can make my limited 60 tons of space pay for themselves. We'll see how that pans out

Spray painting my backpack. Always fun doing sprayjobs on my gear. I recently sprayed a stencil based on the Elite logo that came on my Elite logo T shirt onto my jacket. Now I plan to give my Boblbee backpack the same treatment, so I'm spraying a combination of black, red and white digital camo, over a black and red honeycomb background, with a yellow Elite Logo on one side. Should be to follow.

As ever, your humble overlord

Jimbob(CMDR Jim Backer #5224)

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