Thursday, 8 March 2012

WoW vs. STO vs. New Job Pt II

The job is still ongoing, still a combination of stultifying procedure and lack of social interaction. My back is suffering from the stress and I've been looking over job sites for something reasonable, and not so bleeding depressing. Office Politics is an interesting quandary: How do you deal with a colleague that seems to lord it over you in spite of being in a junior role. I have a colleague that is a seasoned 1st line engineer. I'm a very senior 2nd line, regular 3rd line engineer, Mac, PC and Linux in varying degrees, ex-field engineer, project work etc etc. We're both doing 1st line work. I take exception when they patronise me. Has this person got some nerve or am I still reeling from my painful demotion. I really need to reign in my pride, it'll mess me up if I'm not careful. Am I being over-sensitive yet again?

I have another iron in the fire, that I hope will come to fruition very soon. If it does, I'll be the Chief Techie in a financial firm with a hand on the IT tiller.

In my day to day, both my boys have had Chicken Pox recently. They've soldiered through and now are recovering nicely, we might try moving the little one into the big one's room again, soon. They're both beautiful boys (Yes, I'm biased, but they actually are)

Been a bit quiet on the WoW front of late, I do random Heroics at the weekends when I get a quiet moment, mainly with my DK tank. Darkmoon Faire is 'in town' so I've been boosting my professions the past couple of days. However, I've been playing....

Star Trek Online - it's Free to play and very enjoyable, so been beaming up and down and stuff. I've recently made Captain, and I'm enjoying the storyline aspect. On that note, I'm off for a spot of Trekking....

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