Friday, 17 June 2011

Alexander vs. Guild Dramas

My second son was born on the 25th of May, 8 pound 8 ounces, and naturally, and both Mother and son are well. I was savagely shell-shocked for a few days but I've replaced that with the more traditional 'Very Tired'. All is well, Alexander Brendan Ambrose is a cute little chubster baby. Not a fat thing, but nicely padded. I have to balance work schedule and home schedule, but hey, every dad is doing it. Mummy is tired as Xander requires a lot of feeding, and Daniel, his big brother, is demanding more attention. Hard work, but it'll be fun.

Guild drama indeed, left one guild due to a difference of opinion about the guild bank, and an officer who would never get away with that tone in real life. If you're reading: Yes, you're a rude cow, get over yourself. I moved to two other guilds when an RL friend asked when I was coming over to his guild. Slowly I'm moving more and more of my toons to it, but even then, my friend has suggested there may be another guild to go to soon due to issues with this one. (Throws hands to the sky) Why? Why can't you have a handful of likeminded gamers in a guild without it reverting to a shitfest at the drop of a hat? Anyway, Nubbin is 85, and loving the Cataclysm instances, gearing up nicely.

Be good, and if not, be careful :D

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