Saturday, 16 April 2011

Minecraft, pregnancy, sofas and Ubuntu

Odd couple of weeks. The Mrs is still (Thankfully) pregnant. As this is soon drawing to a close, we have the 'nesting' stage. We both agree we hate our sofa, we're off to a three letter named bedding and sofa place to buy a new one today. This will probably be grindingly bad, but hey, it'll be nice to sit on a decent sofa when I get back from work.

Work. Again this is odd. We will be doing phone support for the London office soon, and so we're getting another member of the team specifically to answer the phone. I must admit I thought we'd all passed that point in our IT careers where we have to be phone-monkeys again, so there is some trepidation evident.

Ubuntu. Yes, the easy to use and easy to install Linux distro is now into 11.04 beta 2 stage. I recently downloaded the server and desktop versions and am trying to build a 64 bit server with a GUI, Virtualbox (A bit like VMWare) so I can host a number of machines and environments from one box. I've also recently setup FreeNAS. This has been awesome! I'm so impressed. Easy, free and well featured.

WoW. I've been playing Minecraft so much that I haven't actually played WoW in any real form for about a week. I have been hanging around Tol Barad to pick up free leather from the spiders, so it's not been a total loss. Speaking of which, go and buy a gold guide from Zuggy. You'll thank me later..... (Link on the right)

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